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Lizzie asks…

What are 2 sources that illustrate examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies B2B and B2C.?

admin answers:

Hi there

Mashable and Hubspot are 2 resources that often give case studies of how businesses are using different tools, especially for instance in the social media and online marketing. It may give you a starting point…


Chris asks…

explain the importance of customer service and customer support in an e-business?

and discuss some of the strategies businesses can use in creating customer service, customer support levels and customer relationship management.

admin answers:

Support becomes service when you go the extra mile

James asks…

can you help me find information on apple computers?

i am doing a term paper on this company. i need information such as history of the company, product lines and services offered, target consumers, marketing strategy, e business strategy, competition, and financial highlights. where can i find this information?

admin answers:

Product lines & Services offered:
Target consumers:
Marketing strategy:,
e-business strategy:
competition: I would assume dell, hp, (or better yet, THE PC) All you have to do is google MAC VS. PC or PC VS. MAC Then there’s microsoft’s zune Apple is basically at Microsoft’s neck, but the fact that the Apple’s OS X is only for Apple computers puts Apple at a big loss. And these might be the iphone’s competition:’s+like+the+iphone&sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGGL,GGGL:2006-26,GGGL:en
Financial highlights:
The iPod and the iPhone were a big hit for both of them and I don’t know if apple would have made it thus far without the iPod specifically. If you want the truth, though, I believe Apple rips their customers off, especially when it comes to computers. You can only customize them so far, unlike the PC. It also costs you FOUR TIMES THE PRICE, if not more for parts like: RAM, Graphics cards (which are majorly outdated, mind you,) Raid 0, and the like. And don’t get me started on their overpriced, aluminum crapshoot monitors. Not just that, but you have to buy individual KITS just to install items on a Mac and these wind up running about four times the price as a part that’s indentical that you could use on a PC (that’s if you HAVE THE ROOM IN YOUR MAC, which are not really made for improvement anyway.). If you want proof, compare items on here
with items from here(just because the Apple’s parts cost more, does not make them at all better):

Well, I’m done ranting. That should help you along.

Nancy asks…

Business question! help! help!?

(2 pts.)226. As a business strategy, dumping can be used to:

A. achieve eligibility for foreign aid.
B. better utilize e-commerce opportunities.
C. avoid trade protectionist laws.
D. gain a foothold in a new market.
# 1.12
(2 pts.)180. The measure used to report price changes at the wholesale level is the:

A. wholesale price index (WPI).
B. gross domestic product (GDP).
C. producer price index (PPI).
D. consumer price index (CPI).
# 1.13
(2 pts.)108. Which of the following strategies for reaching global markets involves the lowest risk and offers the lowest profit potential?

A. licensing
B. a joint venture
C. a foreign subsidiary
D. contract manufacturing
# 1.14
(2 pts.)80. The Dabble Corporation is a medium-sized firm that has decided to begin exporting its products. The company needs advice about how to get started as well as trade-finance support. The federal government has established _____________ to help companies in Dabble’s position.

A. Export Assistance Centers
B. export trading companies
C. the World Trade Commission
D. Federal Reserve Banks
# 1.15
(2 pts.)139. When Bagel Works employs in-store recycling, composting, and uses nontoxic cleaners, Bagel Works is participating in:

A. corporate philanthropy.
B. corporate policy.
C. corporate responsibility.
D. corporate social initiatives.
# 1.16
(2 pts.)109. The knowledge and skills students acquire in business courses will be useful to them:

A. only if they work for a nonprofit organization.
B. only if they work for a major corporation.
C. only if they start their own businesses.
D. if they work for any organization that produces goods and services, including nonprofit and volunteer organizations as well as businesses.
# 1.17
(2 pts.)256. Mostly Mirrors, Inc. is considering a program that would allow some of its workers to use flextime. One group of workers who would probably benefit from flextime is:

A. workers with young children.
B. workers who do not have access to computers at home.
C. workers who have little self-motivation.
D. front-line workers who must frequently meet with customers who visit the office.
# 1.18
(2 pts.)102. Appliance repair firms, tax consultants, law firms, and insurance companies are all business firms that are part of the:

A. neo-industrial sector.
B. service sector.
C. production sector.
D. management sector.
# 1.19
(2 pts.)243. Jamaica wants to buy vehicles from Ford Motor Company in exchange for Jamaican bauxite. Ford, however, does not have a need for Jamaican bauxite, but does have a need for computer monitors. Ford may trade vehicles to Jamaica, which then trades bauxite to another country, say India, which then exchanges computer monitors with Ford. This is an example of:

A. a letter of credit arrangement.
B. countertrade.
C. multinational trading.
D. global marketing.
# 1.20
(2 pts.)156. Management and employees at Boyer Enterprises are given time off each year to work in local charities. This firm clearly practices:

A. community mediation services.
B. participative funding.
C. corporate philanthropy.
D. social irresponsibility.

admin answers:

Do your own homework.

Daniel asks…

What must a company do to transform it’s strategy when it decides to transform into an e-Business?

admin answers:

It has to run both operations simultaneously

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